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DuPage County, IL Tree Care
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Hinsdale, IL

The invasion of Emerald Ash Borer insects has motivated the Village of Hinsdale Board of Trustees to change the municipal code. A new ordinance was passed that applies to the portion of the code that deals with the prevention of Dutch Elm Disease. The same policy now applies to Ash trees infested by Emerald Ash Borers.

If the village believes a homeowners Ash tree is infested with Emerald Ash Borers the homeowner will be required to remove the Ash tree within 30 days. If the homeowner fails to remove an infested Ash tree the village will remove the tree. The cost of the Ash tree removal will be charged to the homeowner and if the tree removal cost is not paid the village will file a lien against the property.

The goal of the ordinance is to minimize, as much as possible, the number of Emerald Ash Borer insects in Hinsdale. The village will be responsible for removing infested Ash trees on public property. According to the village forester, there are almost 2000 Ash trees in Hinsdale that are on village property.

There are a variety of options Ash tree owners can employ to prevent Emerald Ash Borers from killing their tree. Professional arborists or tree services can perform tree trunk injections which, depending on the insecticide used, may keep the Ash tree insect-free for two growing seasons. Tree services, or homeowners, can use a soil drench insecticide on smaller Ash trees. Tree spraying at certain times of the year to keep Emerald Ash Borer adults from laying eggs on the Ash tree is a third, but least effective, option. Tree spraying may be combined with trunk injection or soil drenching to provide a higher level of Emerald Ash Borer control.

Costs for each treatment option vary and a homeowner may want to contact a local tree service for advice. Research on controlling Emerald Ash Borer is ongoing and new test results on various control options are being released every year. Consulting a local arborist will allow a homeowner to receive the most up to date information on how to protect their Ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer.

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