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Denton County TX
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Mustang, TX

After a prolonged drought the trees in Mustang are finally getting some relief in the form of rain. For many trees, however, the rains have come too late. The Texas drought is expected to leave more than 5 million dead trees in its wake and some drought damaged trees are already starting to fail.

Tree services spend most of their time saving trees, but now tree service arborists in Mustang are cautioning homeowners to not wait to remove their drought damaged trees. If a tree has been killed by the Texas drought it is better to remove the tree sooner rather than later. As time goes on not only does the dead tree become more of a safety hazard, but the cost of the tree removal can go up as well.


For a tree that has recently died, the tree services near Mustang have more options on how to remove a dead tree. The branches and roots won’t be substantially weakened so, if necessary, a tree climbing arborist can cut down the tree. But, if the tree has been dead for too long no tree services will want their tree climbers to enter the tree. This means the tree removal will need to be done with a bucket truck and may even necessitate the use of a crane to remove the tree. The additional specialized tree removal equipment increases the cost to remove a tree.

All drought damaged trees aren’t going to have to be removed, but it can be difficult to reverse tree decline once it’s started. Mustang homeowners should seek the advice of an arborist when trying to determine if a drought damaged tree can be saved. Saving a drought damaged tree may involve multiple treatments over several years including:

  • Tree fertilization to increase tree vigor
  • Tree spraying to prevent tree borer damage
  • Tree pruning to remove dead branches
  • Mulching to conserve water and increase tree root growth
  • Supplemental irrigation during dry spells

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