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If you are looking for a Tree Service or Arborist in Cuyahoga County OH, we appologize for not having a service to display.  Please fill out the form below and we can assist you in locating a Tree Service or Arborist for your Tree Care needs.

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Brecksville, OH

It’s OK, and often preferable, to take the gentle approach rather than being too aggressive when ornamental tree pruning is necessary. Ornamental trees such as Dogwoods, Purpleleaf Plums, Japanese Maples, and Royal Star Magnolias should be carefully thinned for a proper ornamental tree pruning. Too much pruning may cause the trees to develop sprouts that will unnecessarily increase future pruning needs.

Tree topping should be avoided at all costs. Not only is this the wrong way to approach ornamental tree pruning, but it increases the future maintenance needs because the tree will respond by sending up multiple fast-growing sprouts to replace the tops that have been removed. These sprouts will be weakly attached to the tree and the topping cuts provide an entry for decay organisms. Correct ornamental tree pruning should result in a tree that looks as though little has been done to it.

There are two options for ornamental trees that are too wide or tall. If the tree isn’t too out of control a crown reduction pruning can be done. Prune longer branches back to where they join a shorter branch. If this can’t be done it may be better to remove and replace the tree with a smaller ornamental tree.


Strongsville Gets Grant to Replace Ash Trees

Strongsville, OH

April 5, 2011

Strongsville has received a $26,250 grant from the state to replace ash trees killed or damaged by Emerald Ash Borer. Ash trees will be removed and replaced with Blackgum and Princeton Elm trees.

Strongsville sought a $35,000 matching grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to replace infested ash trees on three streets, but ODNR awarded 75 percent of that figure in an effort to spread the grants among all 43 of the Ohio communities that applied for them.

Emerald Ash Borers, first spotted in Ohio in 2003, lay their eggs in crevices on Ash tree bark. When the larvae hatch, they burrow under the bark and feed on the tree cambium from fall to spring. The tunneling destroys the tree's vascular system, eventually leading to the death of the Ash tree.

There are about 750 Ash trees planted along the streets and in the parks in Strongsville. About 125 of the Ash trees will be removed and replaced this year.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has placed Cuyahoga County in a firewood quarantine zone, and the Metroparks has outlawed moving firewood anywhere within the parks at any time. Also, firewood, tree trimmings and other tree debris is not allowed to be dumped in the Cleveland Metroparks.

Signs of Emerald Ash Borer infestation are an increase in woodpecker activity; dead or sparse tree branches near the top of the Ash tree; branches suddenly growing from the lower trunk or base of the Ash tree; and D-shaped exit holes in the trunk of the Ash tree.

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