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Fairview, TX

With millions of trees killed in Texas due to drought damage the tree services around Fairview are going to be busy. Tree removal is an unfortunate side effect of the prolonged drought, but now that it seems to be subsiding we can’t forget about the trees that made it through the dry weather. Some of these trees are going to need some TLC in the way of additional watering, tree spraying, and tree fertilizing.

Drought stress puts trees at a higher risk of insect attack - especially from borer insects. Many landscape trees will need some extra protection from insects while they are recovering. The lack of water has also caused substantial root loss in both forest and landscape trees. What the trees in Fairview need now is a chance to rebuild their root systems. This can be accomplished by supplying supplemental irrigation and with tree fertilizing.


What is the best way to water landscape trees? There are two methods to easily supply additional irrigation to trees. The goal of both methods is to get water deep into the soil profile, down to the tree roots. Putting a regular garden hose on a light trickle and placing it anywhere under the canopy of the tree will allow the water to soak deep into the soil. Another method is to purchase a soaker hose and coil it around the tree trunk and under the canopy of the tree. Allow the hose to run for 2 - 4 hours per watering and water each tree once every 3 or 4 weeks during the hotter summer months.

Landscape trees benefit greatly from tree fertilizing. Trees in the wild are able to derive nutrients from decaying organic matter - leaves and branches - that are on the forest floor. In the well-manicured landscapes of Fairview these nutrient sources are removed, placing the trees under undue stress. A simple solution to feed your trees is to find a tree service that offers tree fertilizing.

How do tree services fertilize trees? Many of the tree services in Fairview fertilize trees using a specialized soil probe to inject tree fertilizer deep into the soil where it can be easily absorbed by tree roots. This tree fertilizing method is not only fast and efficient, but it puts the tree fertilizer where it can best be used by your tree.

Rebuilding the root systems of trees with watering and tree fertilizing should not be overlooked in helping your trees recover from drought damage. Not only will your trees’ health improve, but so will their resistance to insect and disease pests. And did I forget to mention they will look better, too?

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