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The hot summers and mild winters in Marietta can make insect and disease control on landscape trees a difficult task for arborists. Tree services and arborists in Marietta need to know:

  • How to identify various insect and disease pests
  • The lifecycle of landscape insect and disease pests in Marietta
  • The proper timing of control treatments to manage insect and disease pests
  • The right products to use to control insect and disease pests of trees and shrubs

Insect Control on Trees and Shrubs in Marietta, GA

Controlling insect pest on your trees and shrubs has a direct effect on the health and longevity of your landscape plants. Certain insect pests, like Hemlock Wooly Adelgid and Southern Pine Beetle, can be deadly to your trees if they are not properly controlled. Consulting with a local arborist or tree service can mean the difference between having healthy trees or calling a tree service to find out the cost of tree removal. A tree service arborist can inspect your trees and shrubs, identify harmful insect pests, and recommend an insect control program to minimize or prevent damage to your valuable trees and shrubs.

Tree and Shrub Disease Control

The first step in controlling tree and shrub diseases is to correctly identify the host plant and determine the possible diseases that could infect your plant. Tree services in Marietta have arborists that are familiar with the tree and shrub diseases common to the North Atlanta area. Tree and shrub disease control is obtained by preventative treatments, so it is important to find a tree service to take care of your trees and shrubs before the disease infects your plants. Once the tree service inspects your trees and shrubs the arborist can recommend a program that will minimize the impact of the tree or shrub disease to your plants. If your trees or shrubs are already infected with a disease the tree service may still be able to help your plants with tree fertilizing or by recommending other steps you can take such as altering watering habits or mulching your trees and shrubs.

Marietta tree services and arborists have the knowledge to make an accurate diagnosis of your tree problems and the specialized tree care equipment to apply the right control treatments. There’s no reason not to call a local tree service, as many arborists will inspect your trees at no charge and are happy to make recommendations on how to protect your trees and shrubs from insect and disease pests. In the long run, protecting your trees and shrubs is less costly than tree removal and replacement.

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