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Chatham County, GA-Tree Care Services
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The landscapes and neighborhoods of Isle of Hope, GA are blessed with an abundance and wide variety of tree species. Most of the trees that grow in the Isle of Hope area have preferences as to where they grow. Some trees like dry areas, some like wet areas, and others can adapt to a wide variety of growing conditions. If a tree has reached a mature size it is probably growing in its prefered soil type, with the right amount of soil moisture and sunlight. If the tree is struggling to survive and is continually attacked by disease or insect pests it may not be growing in the right location. Even naturally growing trees sometimes struggle - not every seed lands in the best location for optimum growth.

If you have mature trees in your landscape it's a good idea to have them periodically inspected by an arborist. Trees, like any other living organism, have a limited life span. Just because they have been doing fine for 30, 60 or 100 years doesn't mean there aren't problems going on. An arborist may be able to prevent, minimize, or correct some problems common with mature trees. Experienced arborists in the Isle of Hope will see potentially dangerous conditions in mature trees that could easily be missed by the untrained eye. At a minimum, mature landscape trees should be inspected annually. This may even involve climbing the tree or using a bucket truck because not every potential problem in a large tree can be seen from the ground.

An arborist is also your best resource for the struggling tree in your landscape. Arborists are familiar with the prefered growing sites for the many tree species found in and around Isle of Hope. An arborist can let you know if it is worth spraying, feeding, or pruning your tree to try to save it or if it would be better to remove the tree and plant a different type of tree.

While most of the tree services around Isle of Hope were started with the goal of helping and saving trees, all local arborists know that there are circumstances when tree removal is the best option. Some of the common conditions where an arborist will suggest tree removal include:

  • dead or dying trees
  • trees with splits or cracks in the main trunk
  • replacing trees with a more suitable species
  • trees badly damaged in a storm
  • trees that have outgrown their planting location
  • trees that have grown to become obstructions
  • construction damaged trees
  • trees that are crowding out other trees
  • trees that have a split in a main branch or trunk union
  • trees that are too close to a house, garage, patio, or deck

It's never a bad idea to consult with an arborist before deciding to remove a tree. The arborist may be able to offer alternatives to the tree removal, or the arborist may confirm that you are making the right decision.

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