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California Tree Care Services
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Oak Trees In California

Oak trees in California have the capacity to become magnificent specimen trees. The Coast Live Oak, Black Oak, and Valley Oak are species of Oak native to California. Tan Oaks are common, but it should be noted that the Tan Oak is not a true Oak.
The decline of specimen size Oak trees in California is often due to construction activities that take place within the root zone of the tree. The construction of new homes, home additions, or roads near mature Oak trees often means tree roots will be damaged. Root damage to Oak trees in California doesn’t always happen just when tree roots are cut. Driving heavy equipment over tree roots or piling soil on the root zone of an Oak tree can also damage tree roots. Sometimes the negative effect of the construction damage on the Oak tree isn’t evident until well after the construction work is completed.
An arborist should be consulted if construction work is going to take place near a mature tree. The arborist can make recommendations on how to minimize the impact on the tree and may end up saving the tree. The arborist may even advise removing the tree if the construction work is going to cause irreparable damage to the tree. There have been many instances where the cost of removing a tree is substantially increased because the tree service has to work around a new building or home addition. Keep in mind that tree roots grow beyond the spread of the tree canopy. Tree roots may grow out from a tree more than twice as far as the tree is tall.
Improper pruning can shorten the life of Oak trees in California. Flush cuts are not the correct way to remove oak tree branches nor should the pruning arborist leave stubs. Topping Oak trees and using climbing spurs are other ways to shorten the life of an Oak tree.
Another serious threat to Oak trees in California is a tree disease called Sudden Oak Death, or SOD. Sudden Oak Death started in California and has started to spread into Oregon as well. Sudden Oak Death is caused by a tree disease called Phytopthera and causes weeping to occur on the trunk of an Oak tree. If you notice weeping, or bleeding, on an Oak tree in your landscape you should contact an arborist to inspect the tree.


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Many local California tree care services provide tree care to one or more of the following cities:
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
San Jose, CA
San Francisco, CA
Long Beach, CA
Sacramento, CA
Oakland, CA
Santa Ana, CA
Anaheim, CA
Fresno, CA

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