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Brown County WI Tree Services
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Tree removal in Allouez, WI can be dangerous work that should only be done by professional tree doctors employed by an insured local tree service. Professional tree doctors in Allouez have the specialized tree equipment, knowledge, experience, and skill necessary to safely remove small and large trees from your landscape.

When tree removal in Allouez involves the removal of mature trees having an experienced tree doctor is vital. Often, the removal of a mature landscape tree means that large tree branches must be brought to the ground using lowering ropes. The tree doctor will also use lowering ropes when removing a tree close to a building. The safe use of lowering ropes requires a high level of communication between the tree doctor and the ground crew. The tree doctor may also need to use lowering ropes to bring most of the tree trunk to the ground, as well.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a tree doctor is their ability to dispose of the tree branches from the tree removal. The tree doctor will usually have a wood chipper to grind up the tree branches. A wood chipper allows the tree branches to be turned into a truck load of wood chips. If asked, the tree doctor will probably leave the wood chips for you to use in your landscape. Although they won’t be the highest quality wood chips because they haven’t been composted, these wood chips can be used as mulch to benefit your other landscape trees.    

After a tree removal is done it’s usually a good idea to grind the tree stump. If the tree doctor performs tree removals then he/she probably also owns a stump grinder. Tree stumps are unsightly, difficult to mow around, and can be a tripping hazard if they are left in the landscape. Ants, termites, bees, and even animals have been found nesting in decaying tree stumps. Most of the woodchips that are created from stump grinding can be reused somewhere else in the landscape to benefit your other landscape trees. Stump grinding is usually easier than digging out the tree stump. Additionally, a tree stump and root ball can be a lot harder to dispose of.

After the stump grinding is completed the area can be prepared for reseeding or sodding. As many of the wood chips as possible should be removed from the area where the stump was located. You may be able to use some of these wood chips in other areas of the landscape, but there will be some soil mixed in with the wood chips. If the wood chips can’t be used in any mulch beds they can be composted for future use. New topsoil should be used to fill the depression where the tree stump was located. You may want to let the topsoil settle for up to a month before reseeding or sodding the area. Once the soil has settled add more topsoil, if necessary, then finish the job by spreading grass seed or laying new sod.


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