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Bossier Parish LA Tree Service
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All About Trees is a year round, tree health care service company in Waskom, Texas. 
We provide tree health care services in Harrison County Texas, along with Caddo Parish, and Bossier Parish Louisiana.
All About Trees is a family owned and operated, fully licensed and insured tree service company.

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License #AR-1784


One of the best investments you can make for your landscape is to have your trees properly trimmed. A good tree trimming job increases the health, beauty, and safety of your most valuable landscape asset - your trees.

Tree trimming improves the health of your trees by removing dead tree branches, diseased tree branches, and broken tree branches. Young and middle-aged trees often need to have excess tree branches removed to increase air flow through the tree canopy and to remove crossing or rubbing tree branches.

A proper tree trimming job improves the beauty of landscape trees by enhancing the natural form or character of the tree. Removing low tree branches improves the view around trees and exposes the beauty of the bark and, with some species, the form of the tree trunk.

Tree safety is improved and liability concerns are reduced when dead or broken tree branches are removed from landscape trees. Trimming tree branches away from driveways, signs, and buildings also improves safety concerns involving trees. Trimming low branches on trees improves sight lines and makes lawn maintenance safer and easier.


All About Trees has the tree climbing Arborists capable of removing large, mature trees and small ornamental trees. Tree removal near houses and buildings is done using ropes to lower large tree branches to the ground. Our skilled tree removal Arborists can safely remove hazardous trees. We can haul the wood from a tree removal or, for a lower cost, leave it for your use.


Our Arborists are not only experts at tree trimming and tree removal, but can provide shrub trimming services as well. Properly pruning shrubs is important to maintain their health and keeps your property looking well tended.


There are many different tree and shrub species used as landscape plants in Bossier City area and not all of these species are the most suitable plants for the soil conditions in this region of Louisiana. For this reason our tree specialists may recommend tree fertilization or some other type of soil amendment to maintain or increase the health of your landscape plants. Supplemental tree and shrub nutrients or other soil amendments are usually applied as a soil injection under the canopy of the tree or shrub. In some cases, though, the nutrients are injected directly into the tree trunk in order to bypass a weak or damaged root system or as a means to get the nutrients to the foliage as quickly as possible.

Tree Fertilization gives your valuable trees and shrubs the best chance to develop into mature, pest free, landscape plantings. Other soil amendments, such as bio-stimulants or micronutrients, optimize the soil condition which then increases overall root growth and plant health. Developing a healthy root system will result in a healthy and vigorous landscape plant.

Increasing tree and shrub health with tree fertilization can take time, so contact our tree specialists as soon as you suspect your trees aren’t looking their best.


Plant Health Care or PHC Programs takes a holistic view when determining how to maintain the health of landscape trees and shrubs. Keeping your landscape plants healthy with a PHC Program may include tree insect pest control, tree disease control, or fertilization of trees and shrubs. The presence of some insect or disease pests is tolerated, as long as the health of the tree or shrub isn’t threatened.

The implementation of Plant Health Care Programs is done through Integrated Pest Management, or IPM. This is an insect or disease control system whereby the tree specialist uses all tools at his/her disposal to maintain the health of your landscape trees and shrubs. Tree spraying, tree trunk injections, or soil drenches of insect or disease control materials may be utilized. The tree specialist uses the most effective method depending on the pest to be controlled, the size and location of the tree or shrub, the time of year, and the overall health of the tree or shrub to be treated. An IPM program may also involve providing additional nutrients to the tree or shrub. The tree specialist can accomplish this by injecting nutrients into the soil, directly into the tree trunk, or broadcasting nutrients over the soil surface, depending on the site and the needs of the tree or shrub to be fertilized.

Before recommending a Plant Health Care Program our tree specialists consider:
*The tree and shrub species in your landscape.
*The health of each tree or shrub.
*The location in the landscape of each tree or shrub.
*The soil conditions preferred by each tree or shrub in your landscape.
*The insect pests or plant diseases most likely to attack the various trees or shrubs in your landscape.

Only by considering all of these tree and landscape conditions can we offer you the best Plant Health Care Program to maintain your trees and shrubs in the best of health.


It’s not uncommon for trees that are not maintained, or forest trees, to split or fall apart as they mature. This does not, however, need to be the fate of mature landscape trees. Trees with multiple trunks or large branches are candidates for splitting under sever weather conditions. Our tree surgeons can extend the useful life of your mature landscape trees using support cables and/or bracing rods. The tree will need a thorough inspection before our tree surgeon can determine if your tree is a candidate for tree cabling or bracing.

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