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Oftentimes, the cause of tree stress or decline is due to poor soil conditions. Good top growth - leaf growth and twig growth - cannot happen without adequate root growth, and good root growth will only occur with the proper soil conditions. If your tree is not growing as good as it did in the past, or the leaves are yellow, the arborists and tree services in San Antonio can offer solutions to help your tree recover.

When you call a tree service in San Antonio the arborist will compare how your tree looks in relation to healthy trees of the same species the arborist has inspected in the past. The arborist may recommend a soil test to confirm deficiencies in the soil. A soil test can reveal helpful facts to the arborist, such as, soil pH, organic matter level, cation exchange capacity, and the presence of adequate micronutrients.


If the tree decline appears to be related to poor tree root growth the arborist may suggest one or more soil amendment treatments, such as, tree fertilization, soil aeration, root stimulant treatments, or soil pH adjustment.

Tree fertilization is a common recommendation made by tree services in San Antonio to improve the health of landscape trees. It’s a well known fact among tree experts that urban soils are often lacking the proper amount of nutrients necessary for optimum tree health.

San Antonio tree services often fertilize trees using high pressure soil probes. This tree fertilizing technique has a side benefit for trees - soil aeration. Urban soils are often compacted due to past construction activities or even from normal landscape maintenance. A tree service can also aerate the soil around tree roots using other tools such as an Air Spade, Air Knife, or soil auger. When called for, the soil aeration holes can be backfilled with topsoil or other soil amendments to improve the structure or organic matter in the soil.

Other soil treatments offered by tree services in San Antonio include root stimulant treatments which may include various rhizobacteria or mycorrhizae fungi, either alone or as an additive to a tree fertilization treatment. These types of soil treatments help to improve the soil microorganism activity.

Arborists in San Antonio base their tree diagnosis and recommendations on the physiological requirements of the tree. In many cases, it requires time for soil enhancements to have a positive effect on the tree. While the tree is under stress it may be more susceptible to insect or disease pest, so other treatments may be necessary while the tree is recovering.

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