Bevel Buddy™ Max - The next generation of Chipper Blade Sharpening.

Chipper Blade SharpenerIn an effort to continue producing high quality, American Made, Chipper Knife Sharpening products.  Precision Sharpening Devices is proud to release our newest product, The Bevel Buddy Max.
This next generation of chipper blade sharpeners can be used on a variety of chipper knives and wood chipping equipment.

Industries using our chipper blade sharpeners are: 

  • Tree Service Companies
  • Brush Chipper Owners & Manufacturers
  • Equipment Rental Centers
  • State Departments
  • Wood Mills
  • Saw Mills
  • Land Clearing Contractors
  • Utility Line Maintenance Services
  • Pole & Plywood Manufacturers
  • Any Business needing Chipper Knives Sharpened

Chipper Knife SharpeningPrecision Sharpening Devices has been producing high quality Chipper Knife Sharpening Tools since 1988.  Our counter grinding / back beveling equipment for the chipper knife industry supplies many satisfied customers in Sawmills, Tree Service Companies, Pulp & Paper Mills, Plywood Mills, and Whole Tree Chippers.
The process of counter grinding / back beveling allows the chipper knife to be re-sharpened 2-3 times while remaining on the machine. This process will save time and labor through not having to remove the chipper knives at every sharpening.
Sharp Chipper Knives will net you higher quality wood chips, less wear and tear on equipment, less fuel use, safer chipper, decreased costs with increased production.


The Bevel Buddy Max handheld chipper blade sharpeners will:

  • Increase life of chipper knives by 50%-70%
  • Reduce chipper knife changes
  • Reduce downtime for chipper knife replacement
  • Save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year
  • Positive cost savings in chipper knife purchases
  • Safer operator environment handling fewer chipper knives.
  • Reduce knife re-sharpening costs
  • Less downtime = more production time = BIGGER PROFITS
  • Extended life for chipper parts such as bolts knife holders and clamps
  • Less fuel consumption with sharp chipper knives

These sharpeners work very well with disc and drum style chippers and conventional pocket style, face mounted and reversible/disposable knife systems. The use of these sharpeners will show a positive cost savings in knife steel and machinery wear parts along with increased production.

What is the chipper knife re-sharpening process?

Sharpening or re-sharpening a chipper blade knife is quite simple.  Through the counter grinding process, you will be able to conserve chipper knife steel and maintain or possibly improve chip quality.  By counter grinding a chipper knife edge, it is easier to keep sharp chipper knives.  The best part is-there is no need to remove the chipper knives for sharpening each time, and each chipper knife only takes about 30 seconds to sharpen.

How much maintenance is involved with the sharpening tool?

Keeping your chipper blade sharpening tool working in top condition, requires very little time.  First make sure to blow off the metal filings and dust after each use.  Second is the abrasive used to sharpen the chipper knives will need to be changed every 15-30 knives.  This will depend on the pressure applied during sharpening.

Bevel Buddy Training Video

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