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Bergen County, NJ Tree Care
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Most tree doctors in Ridgewood, NJ work for a tree service, or start their own tree service, to save trees or keep trees healthy. Despite this, there are situations where tree removal becomes necessary. The most common reasons for tree removal in Ridgewood is necessary is:

  • Dead tree removal.
  • Removal of storm damaged trees
  • Lot clearing to build or expand a home or business.
  • Tree removal prior to building a home or business addition.
  • Removal of a tree killed by insects or disease pests.
  • Hazardous tree removal.
  • Removal of a tree too close to a house or building.
  • Removal of a tree before new landscaping is planted.
  • Remove trees growing too close to other trees.
  • Removal of a tree that has outgrown its planting location.

Tree removal the most dangerous work performed by the tree doctors in Ridgewood. A qualified tree doctor will have the knowledge, experience, skills, and the tree removal equipment necessary to safely and efficiently remove trees and dispose of the tree branches and the wood from the tree trunk. A tree doctor in Ridgewood that removes trees will also be able to grind the tree stump after the tree removal is completed. This eliminates having to look at an unsightly stump for several years as it decays.

Key items to consider when you need to find a tree removal service near Ridgewood

Tree removal contracts should be in writing and should state what trees will be removed and if the entire tree will be removed from the site. It is essential to have, in writing, if the tree removal cost includes the cost to remove the wood from the site and if the tree removal cost includes stump grinding. Sometimes a tree removal cost only includes getting the tree on the ground. Other times cost for a tree removal includes just getting the tree on the ground and removing tree branches, but leaving the wood. Having everything in writing eliminates assumptions made by the homeowner or the tree doctor.

It is also important to make sure the tree doctor has the proper insurances in place before the tree removal is started. This usually means the tree doctor will carry both workman’s compensation and liability insurance. If the tree doctor isn’t insured than the property owner is liable if any accidents occur during the tree removal or stump grinding. There are plenty of quality tree removal services near Ridgewood that carry all the proper insurances.

Tree removal is permanent, so a property owner should not make a rushed decision into having a tree removed. Sometimes tree removal is necessary, but in other situations there are alternatives to removing the tree. If tree removal isn’t requested, but is suggested by a tree doctor because he claims the tree is dying, a property owner may want to consider getting a second opinion from another tree doctor just to make sure the tree removal is warranted. This would be a situation when it would be a good idea to consult with a tree doctor that is an ISA Certified Arborist.


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