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Barnstable County MA Tree Service
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Popponesset Island, MA

Winters can be rough on landscape plants in Mashpee - and even rougher for evergreen plants on Popponesset Island. The problem evergreen plants on Popponesset Island face is salt and wind. Each component can dry out evergreen needles and the combination of the two can be deadly for evergreen trees and shrubs. Salt from the roads or the ocean can damage evergreen plants either through direct contact with the needles or by being taken up by the plant roots. Wind causes the plant to continue the transpiration process, but the lost moisture from the needles can't be replaced when the ground is frozen, so the needles dry out.

In order to protect their valuable landscape plantings many Popponesset Island homeowners use either burlap screens or burlap wraps. Screens or wraps are put up in the late fall and taken down in the spring. Each technique has its place in providing winter protection to your evergreen trees and shrubs.

Burlap wraps are generally used on shrubs or smaller evergreen trees. Arborists wrap the entire shrub or tree with burlap and use either staples, nails, or twine to hold the burlap together over the winter. Burlap screening is preferred for larger evergreen trees or long shrub hedges. With this technique the burlap is attached to wooden planks or steel posts.

With both methods the burlap buffets the force of the wind and intercepts the salt before it can come in contact with the evergreen needles. In harsher winters there may still be some winter damage to your evergreen shrubs, but it probably would have been worse if no plant protection was in place.

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