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Baltimore County, MD Tree Care
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Most Reisterstown, MD tree doctors don’t just provide tree service; many tree doctors will offer shrub care services as well. Shrubs are an important part of a well designed landscape and the proper care of landscape shrubs is important to keeping your landscape shrubs healthy and flowering properly.

Shrubs in Reisterstown are susceptible to, and can be damaged by, a wide variety of insect pests or disease pests. A tree doctor can help you by being able to diagnose landscape shrub problems and suggesting treatments to control landscape shrub pests. Most Reisterstown tree doctors can also feed landscape shrubs to keep your shrubs healthy and improve shrub flowering.


Shrub pruning is where having a tree doctor take care of your landscape plants can be most beneficial to the health of your landscape shrubs. Many of the tree trimming techniques used by tree doctors applies to shrub trimming as well. Reisterstown tree doctors know when to prune various shrub species and how to properly prune your landscape shrubs. Timing is a critical factor when it comes to landscape shrub pruning - especially pruning flowering shrubs. Poor, or untimely, landscape shrub pruning can result in weak plants and shrubs that don’t flower like they did when they came from the nursery.

Reisterstown tree services and tree doctors can:

  • Trim shrubs
  • Shape shrubs
  • Offer shrub spraying for disease pests
  • Remove dead shrubs
  • Grind shrub stumps
  • Prune bushes
  • Plant new shrubs
  • Repair damaged shrubs
  • Spray shrubs for insect pests

For Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Stump Removal or other Tree Care Services, please fill out the form below and National Arborists will locate a local tree service or Arborist for you.

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