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There are many types of tree disease that can infect landscape trees in Baltimore. To properly control a tree disease the disease must first be accurately identified. The best course of action is to contact an arborist in Baltimore to identify the tree disease that is infecting your tree. The identification of the tree disease will dictate what, if any, disease control treatments can be done to help the tree. Most tree diseases can be controlled, but there are a few for which there is no fungicide treatment available.

Tree diseases are separated into two general categories, foliar diseases and vascular diseases. A foliar tree disease attacks the leaves or needles of trees, often causing premature defoliation. A vascular tree disease infects the conductive tissue of the tree, preventing the proper movement of water and nutrients within the tree.

Controlling most foliar tree diseases is a matter of prevention. Fungicides are applied to prevent fungus spores from infecting the leaf tissue after the disease spore germinates. Tree spraying is usually used to control foliar tree diseases.

A vascular tree disease is usually controlled by injecting a fungicide into the tree trunk. Injecting fungicides into the tree trunk does cause wounding to the tree, but these types of disease control treatments often last for 2 - 3 years. Vascular fungicide treatments should be applied by a tree service or professional arborist.


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There are several species of Anthracnose that infect landscape trees. Each particular Anthracnose species will attack one species of tree. Anthracnose not only causes defoliation of the tree, but it can create cankers on the stems or twigs of trees. Two common types of Anthracnose found in the landscape trees in Baltimore are Dogwood Anthracnose and Sycamore Anthracnose.


Apple Scab is a foliar disease that infects several varieties of Crabapple tree. Some Crabapples varieties are quite resistant to Apple Scab, while other Crabapples are highly susceptible to Apple Scab. If you own a susceptible Crabapple species it will probably need fungicide treatments every spring to reduce the amount of Apple Scab infection and premature defoliation. Tree services in Baltimore usually control Apple Scab with a series of tree spraying treatments. If you are planning to plant a Crabapple you should consult with a tree service or arborist to find a Crabapple variety that is resistant to Apple Scab.


This vascular disease is responsible for wiping out millions of native Elm trees throughout the United States. Fungicide trunk injections can offer 2 - 3 years of protection, provided the tree distributes the fungicide evenly throughout its canopy. Dutch Elm Disease-resistant Elm varieties have been cultivated and are becoming more common in nurseries near Baltimore. Scientists also believe they may have found naturally resistant native Elm trees in certain regions of the country. If this is true then more Elm trees resistant to Dutch Elm Disease may be on the horizon.


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