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Anne Arundel County, MD Tree Care
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The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is a trade association comprised of more than 2,000 arborists, tree services, tree care equipment manufacturers, and tree care product suppliers. The Tree Care Industry Association has developed safety and educational programs for tree doctors, arborists, and tree services and has worked to standardize acceptable tree care practices. The Tree Care Industry Association has also developed business management information and best practices for arborists, tree doctors, and tree services. The work that the Tree Care Industry does helps tree services run more efficiently, which means less cost to tree care consumers. The TCIA is striving to improve the quality of services that tree care consumers receive.


A noteworthy program developed by the Tree Care Industry Association is the TCIA Accreditation program for tree services. Tree services applying for TCIA Accreditation are audited to assure the tree service meets a rigorous set of standards including proper business practices, tree care safety programs, and adherence to proper tree care practices. If a tree service passes the audit the TCIA Accreditation is granted to a tree service for three years. After the three year time period the tree service is audited again to assure proper business and tree care practices are being continued.

Membership in any organization is not a guarantee of quality work. However, achieving TCIA Accreditation demonstrates the tree service has shown a certain level of professional dedication and increases the potential that tree care consumers are dealing with a professional and ethical tree care company.

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The first step in controlling tree diseases on your landscape trees is to have an arborists properly diagnose the disease. The arborists and tree services in Riva, Maryland are familiar with the tree diseases commonly found in the area and with which tree species are common disease hosts. An arborists’ advice can be invaluable in correctly diagnosing the tree disease to make sure the right disease control treatment is applied at the correct time of year.

Once the tree disease has been correctly diagnosed the next consideration to be made is how to deliver the disease control treatment. Most tree services in Riva apply disease control in one of two ways:
  • Tree spraying
  • Tree trunk injection

Each of these disease control techniques has positive and negative attributes. Tree spraying is usually easier and less costly than trunk injections, but requires multiple treatments and the weather must cooperate in order to allow the treatments to be done on a timely basis. One trunk injection can control tree diseases for a year or more, but injecting into the tree trunk does involve wounding the tree.

Tree services in Riva, MD encounter, and apply control treatments for, several different tree diseases. A few of the most common tree diseases in Riva are:
  • Apple Scab
  • Bleeding Canker on Beech Trees
  • Diplodia Tip Blight
  • Dogwood Anthracnose
  • Dutch Elm Disease

Apple Scab

There are several hundred varieties of Crabapple that have been cultivated and used as landscape trees. Crabapples are popular due to their fast growth rate and profuse flowers in the spring. Certain Crabapple tree varieties are quite susceptible to Apple Scab, while other varieties are highly resistant to this tree disease.

If your Crabapple is losing leaves in the middle of summer there’s a good chance it is infected with Apple Scab. To control Apple Scab a tree service needs to begin treatments in the early spring - when the leaves are first developing. If you have a susceptible Crabapple variety it will probably need Apple Scab control treatments every year.

Bleeding Canker on Beech Trees

Bleeding Canker is a tree disease that infects the vascular system of a tree. Infection causes decline in the upper crown of the tree, brown leaves, and cankers on the tree trunk that ooze a reddish liquid.

To control Bleeding Canker tree services spray the tree trunk, large tree branches, and the root area under the tree with a fungicide. Tree fertilizing and watering during dry periods is also recommended to maintain tree vigor.

Diplodia Tip Blight

This tree disease cause brown branch tips on Austrian Pine, Scotch Pine, and Mugo Pine. Infection from Diplodia Tip Blight is more prominent on the lower half of the pine tree. In highly infected pine trees cankers will form on the tree branches and if left unchecked Diplodia Tip Blight will gradually kill off pine branches.

While fungicide treatments are important in controlling Diplodia Tip Blight, sanitation is equally important on older trees. Fungus spores can be produce on both the pine needles and pine cones, so removing as many pine cones as possible reduces the innoculum in the vicinity of the pine tree.

Dogwood Anthracnose

Like most tree diseases, it’s easier for Dogwood Anthracnose to infect trees when the weather is cool and wet. Dogwood Anthracnose causes light brown and purple spots to form on Dogwood leaves. This disease can also produce cankers that inhabit the woody portions of the tree.

Due to the size of most Dogwood trees, tree spraying is usually how most tree services in Riva control Dogwood Anthracnose. Tree fertilizing and watering during dry periods is also recommended to maintain overall tree health and vigor.

Dutch Elm Disease

It’s been about a century since Dutch Elm Disease first made its appearance in the northeast United States. Although Dutch Elm Disease has wiped out the majority of the native Elm trees around Riva there are still many Elm trees in the area. Once infected, Elm trees usually die quickly from Dutch Elm Disease. Elm trees close to infected Elm trees can also be infected via root grafts.

Most tree services in Riva use a fungicide trunk injection to control Dutch Elm Disease. This method of control is very effective and one injection provides protection for 2 - 3 years.

Disease control not only keeps your trees healthy and safe, but it also improves the beauty and value of your property. Using a professional tree service assures the right products are used and the disease control treatments are applied at the right time.


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