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Many homeowners in Leo-Cedarville welcome spring by getting out in the yard and working on improving their landscape. As long as you are going to invest the time to work on your trees and shrubs, or plant new trees or shrubs, you should take the time to do things right. The extra effort will result in healthier, safer, and more beautiful trees and shrubs.

Trimming Winter-Damaged Trees And Shrubs

Early spring is a good time to take a close look at your trees and shrubs. Before the leaves come out it is easy to see branches broken from high winds, heavy snow, or ice. If the broken tree branches are too high in a tree, or require the use of a chainsaw from a ladder, it's probably better to call a local tree service than to try to do the tree trimming yourself.


Most overgrown shrubs can be shaped up in the early spring, but avoid pruning spring-flowering shrubs. Pruning spring-flowering shrubs before they flower will result in the removal of many of the flower buds. Shrubs that flower in the late summer, like Potentilla, can be pruned in the spring. Early spring is a good time to remove older canes from mature shrubs. This will allow new sprouts to grow up from the shrub roots or lower trunk.


Spring Tree And Shrub Planting

April and May is one of the preferable times of the year to plant new trees and shrubs in Leo-Cedarville. There are several things to consider before you decide where and what type of tree to plant. Here are some items to think about to make sure the location is suitable for the new tree you want to plant:

How tall will the tree be when it is mature?
Are there overhead wires that will require tree topping as the tree gets taller?
How wide will the tree be when it is mature? You don't want to plant it too close to the house or driveway.
Will the tree tolerate your soil conditions. Is the soil too dry, too wet, too sandy?
Is the tree species going to be susceptible to certain insect or disease pests?
Will the tree tolerate your soil pH?
Will the tree handle the amount of sun or shade it will receive?
Do you want a flowering tree or a tall, shade tree?

All of these factors will play a role in determining the success of your tree planting efforts. If you're not sure about the answers to any of these questions consider consulting with an arborist or local tree service. These professionals are familiar with the many tree species that grow best in the Leo-Cedarville area.

It's also helpful to make a mulch ring around the base of your newly planted tree. The mulch depth should be 2 - 4 inches, but the mulch should not be pushed up against the trunk of the tree. Keep in mind your new tree will need some extra TLC, especially supplemental watering, for the first one or two years after it is planted.

Spring Tree And Shrub Fertilization

Root growth on trees and shrubs is most active in the spring and fall. So, these two seasons are the best times to fertilize your trees and shrubs. Spring fertilization helps get your trees and shrubs off to a good start for the growing season. Many tree services in Leo-Cedarville provide tree and shrub fertilization where the fertilizer is injected into the soil. This tree and shrub fertilization method places the fertilizer directly into the root zone of your plant.

While homeowners can accomplish many spring landscaping chores it's not a bad idea to consult with an arborist or local tree service on the more technical questions you might have. By inspecting your trees and shrubs an arborist might see things you missed and could warn you of potential insect or disease pests to watch for.


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