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Alameda County, CA Tree Care
Home  > Local Tree Care Services  > California, CA  > Alameda-CA

Ponderosa Tree Service
P.O. Box 11277

Berkeley, CA 94712

Office: (510) 845-3644

Emergency: (510) 719-9101

Fax: (510) 843-7500

[email protected]


  • Tree pruning
  • Tree planting
  • Tree removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree consultation
  • Tree preservation
  • Large tree removal
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Tree root removal / grinding
  • Vista pruning / view restoration
  • Ornamental tree pruning / shaping
  • Tree replacement recommendations
  • Tree management plans for large properties
  • Tree cabling to save and stabilize mature trees
  • Arborists consultation, inspections, and reports

Arborists in Alameda County, CA offer a wide range of tree care services designed to keep your landscape trees and shrubs healthy and safe. An arborist can advise you on what trees should be pruned or if tree removal is necessary. Some Alameda County, CA  tree services also offer tree spraying and tree fertilizing and many of these tree services provide free tree and shrub care evaluations.

You might need to find a tree service if:

  • You have dead or dying landscape trees that need to be removed.
  • There are dead branches in your trees.
  • You have tree branches rubbing against roof.
  • You have insect pests on your trees or shrubs.
  • You want to prevent construction damage to your trees.
  • Your trees are infected with a tree disease.
  • Invasive insects, such as Asian Longhorn Beetle or Emerald Ash Borer, have been found in your area.
  • There are tree branches too close to your house.
  • You need to clean up storm damaged trees.
  • Tree branches are too close to your driveway or sidewalk.
  • There are fallen tree branches in your yard.
  • You want to know the best way to keep your trees and shrubs healthy.
  • You need a cost to prune trees in your yard.
  • There are mushrooms growing on or near a tree in your landscape.
  • You need advice on the proper care of landscape trees and shrubs.
  • There are broken branches in your trees.
  • You need to know the cost to remove a tree.
  • You want to prevent storm damage to your trees.
  • You see tree cavities in your landscape trees.
  • Leaves are falling from a tree in the summer.
  • Tree roots have been damaged.
  • A tree has fallen on your house or garage.
  • You need advice on what kind of tree to plant.
  • You see ants or termites on a tree.
  • There is a crack or split in the trunk of a tree in your landscape.
  • There is a hanging branch in one of your trees.
  • The top of a tree looks like it is dying.
  • The leaves on your landscape trees don’t look as green as they should be.
  • You need to know the best time of year to prune your trees or shrubs.
  • You want to prevent fruit production on your landscape trees.
  • You need stump removal.


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